Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is almost time to go home (yes I am going to leave at 5pm today) and I have been cleaning my bosses office (just his overhead bins) for the past 4 hours. My goodness there is so much stuff JAMMED in there I am surprised I didn't get any paper cuts. Crissy ordered sushi for lunch and I just about puked when I had to meet with her.

I am reading other peoples blog and it actually is interesting to understand what is going on with their lives and what they are thinking. I am waiting for Beth to post a new recipe. I inserted a photo of Ryan on my blog home page (is that what you call it?).

Thought for the day: Why is it that some people are just not nice at work? Is it because they are miserable inside? I know that I may be perceived that I am not nice when actually I am just being a tough guy - a bitch. My bark is bigger than my bite.

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cakers said...

you make me laugh